Asian Handicap

The simplest form of a soccer handicap bet is the Asian Handicap or AH. In an AH market, the match starts with a predefined goal advantage for one of the teams (e.g. -1/-2/-3 etc). Clients can bet on two outcomes (win and lose) of the game, given the goal handicap. If the bet ends in a Handicap draw, then the bettor’s stake is refunded.
For example, an Asian Handicap market might exist for a cup fixture offering odds on two outcomes (no draw):
  • Man City (-2)
  • Oxford United (+2)
If Man City were to win by two goals, betting on either team would give no winner, and the bettor would have their stake returned.
Example: 0.25 Handicap
The game starts with a score of 0 - 0.25 (1/4 goal handicap). The underdog team has a quarter goal lead before kick-off.
You win, win the half, lose, or lose the half stake of your bets. Let's see an example.
Monaco @2.00 - Lyon @1.90
You are betting 100 $DARK on Monaco to win the -0.25 Asian handicap market.
  • If Monaco wins, you win the bet.
  • If the result is a draw, you lose half of the stake(50 $DARK), and the other half(50 $DARK) is back to you.
  • If Lyon wins, the bet loses.
You are betting 100 $DARK on Lyon to win the +0.25 handicap.
  • If Lyon wins, you win the bet.
  • If a draw occurs, you get the half stake back and win the other half(50 $DARK) at 1.90 odds. You are still in profit.
  • If Lyon loses, you lose the bet.

With basketball betting, it will be point handicap.

With tennis betting, it will be game point handicap.