Introducing the DarkCrypto Foundation

A new model of DarkCrypto Foundation — Advanced technology and business strategy

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    An upgraded version of Curve Finance's DAO: We take Curve's vote-locking model to the next level by balancing the number of lock tokens and the lock's duration to determine users' power within the protocol. The higher your DCF locked and longer timelock, the more veDCF you gain to earn much more with DarkCrypto Foundation.
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    Unique integration of DarkNFT: We are proud to be the first to integrate NFT with the vote-locking model. With DarkNFT, you can increase your veDCF by up to 20% to gain higher returns and positions within the DarkCrypto Foundation.
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    The FIRST protocol ever to pay out rewards in USDC on Cronos: The first and only of its kind to pay out REAL profits to users within the ecosystem. The rewards come from our business in the form of stablecoin, not from printing new tokens or cutting money from DAO, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the entire foundation.

How DarkCrypto Foundation’s DAO gains profit?

  • Pool Farming: Part of the DAO value is used to farm on other projects on Cronos to earn tokens back to the ecosystem.
  • Project Investment: Part of DAO value is allocated for investing in other potential projects on Cronos and other chains, via Fundraising or other methods.
  • Services Fee: From DEX (DakSwap); Yield Optimizer (DarkAuto); and more to come.
  • Multi-chain Dapps’ Profit: DarkSport; DarkVegas, etc.