Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an expansionary epoch?

An expansionary epoch is the amount of DARK that is printed by SKY in order to increase the total circulating supply.

2. What happens if I interact with the Boardroom in any way?

Any interaction with the Boardroom will reset both timers. That's 3 epochs to claim your DARK rewards, and 6 epochs to unstake your SKY.

3. The Boardroom APR dropped because we're in a 'debt phase.' What does this mean?

A debt phase takes place on the expansion epochs that start after a contraction period where there are still LIGHT to be redeemed.
65% of Expansion during Debt Phase is allocated to the Treasury Fund to prepare for the LIGHT Redemption. This amount is still reserved whether or not LIGHT holders are redeeming bonds or not.
Once DARK in treasury is sufficiently full to meet all circulating bond redemption, expansion rates will resume to normal.

4. If DARK continues climbing above the price of the peg, will that influence how long the debt epoch lasts?

Depending on the price of DARK, the Boardroom print will have to adjust to provide a buffer for any unclaimed LIGHT. As the price of DARK climbs above the peg, more DARK needs to be distributed to the treasury to account for LIGHT bonus redemption.

5. If CRO pumps, DARK pumps with it?

The answer is yes. Let's take an example: If CRO pumps in price, it won't 'outrun' DARK. The APR will vary in terms of its USD value, but emissions won’t. This is something that wouldn't be possible with another 1:1 pegged asset like a stable coin LP position, where the USD value is directly tied to the emissions. If CRO rises in USD value, DARK goes with it. Same if CRO falls in USD value, DARK will be worth less in USD, but it won’t affect the peg. The only thing that can change the price of DARK in terms of its CRO value is buying and selling it.

6. Why is APR in Boardroom low?

Unlike previous algo projects, DarkCrypto focuses on making the protocol strong and maintaining its stability in the long run. With APR is lower in the Boardroom than in the Banks/Shares for LP, we aim to encourage users to add liquidity rather than staking single token. This will keep DarkCrypto stable in the long run. However, it's important to note that the Boardroom's APR (2000%) is still good enough for stakers.

7. Why is the Genesis Pool / Banks running for so long?

In the first 4 weeks, DarkCrypto will work with other projects to launch genesis pools on our Banks. This long period gives us a big chance to:
  • Be in a strategic partnership with other projects Up to present DarkCrypto has become the partner of some large and prestigious projects such as MM.Finance (the second biggest DEX, the most working on Cronos), KryptoDex (the first and only Dex Aggregator on Cronos)... And we are still looking for cooperation opportunities with other big projects
  • Approach and attract a lot of new investors which allows DarkCrypto to raise capital in a secure and safe environment
  • Become a trustworthy protocol, and thereby help increase TVL

8. Team Doxxed/KYC and Audit

Due to past experiences our team has dealt with regarding threats/security risks, they wish to stay anonymous for their safety. This is completely normal in the blockchain field where everything is clear and decided automatically by smart contracts.
Regarding audit, DarkCrypto is currently audited by PeckShield.

9. Best strategy to follow

Please note that the following is not financial advice. There are countless strategies, and which one you choose depends on your risk tolerance and short, medium, and long-term goals.
If DARK is OVER the peg:
  • Buy DARK and stake it in the genesis pools on Banks to earn DARK rewards
  • Take your DARK rewards and pair them with USDC or USDT to provide liquidity, then stake your DARK/USDC or DARK/USDT LP on Banks to earn more DARK with higher multiplier
  • Use your DARK rewards to compound it back to the DARK/USDC or DARK/USDT LP
  • Sell half of your earned DARK for CRO, and pair them together to provide DARK/CRO LP which should be staked on Shares to gain SKY rewards
  • Divide your SKY rewards into 2 parts. Sell half of the first part for CRO, and provide SKY/CRO LP to stake on Shares to earn more SKY rewards
  • Stake your 2nd part of SKY into Boardroom to earn DARK upon expansion
  • Compound Boardroom earnings into DARK/CRO LP
  • Repeat it and profit!
If DARK is UNDER the peg:
  • Buy DARK and exchange it for LIGHT. If you are LP'ing, you can break the LP to exchange DARK for LIGHT, and use the remaining tokens to buy DARK to also exchange for LIGHT
  • Sell LIGHT for a redemption bonus once DARK is back over peg